Normal Care Instructions

To keep your WOO happy, below are a few tips on how to handle it. Note that for us to warranty any defect devices, normal care instructions need to be adhered to at any time. The WOO is, after all, a piece of electronic, and is subjected to a very harsh environment, with abrasive sand, corrosive salt water and harsh sunlight.

1. Take the WOO out of the mount immediately after your session

When you are done with your session, take the WOO out of the mount immediately. Leaving it in the mount will subject the WOO to unnecessary stress and strain.

2. Rinse the WOO with fresh water and dry after use

As soon as possible, rinse the WOO off with a splash of fresh water and dry it with a towel or cloth. Allow it to air dry until no residual moisture is left before charging up your WOO for the next session.


Risk of Warranty Void

Not following normal care instructions can lead to corrosion of the contacts, which will void your warranty on your WOO device.