Merge two WOO Spots

If there are two WOO spots that are duplicate, redundant, and should be merged together into one WOO spot, you can let us know by filling out the form below.


To explain the process, we use the example of two spots Wangern and Maasvlakte. E.g. merging Wangern into Maasvlakte would mean that all WOO sessions from Wangern would be moved to Maasvlakte, and the Spot Wangern would be deleted.

If there are three (or more) spots that should be merged into one (e.g. Wangern, Pleasure Bay and Maasvlakte should all become Maasvlakte), please fill out the form multiple times.
Form 1: Wangern -> Maasvlakte
Form 2: Pleasure Bay -> Maasvlakte