Garmin: FAQ / Troubleshooting


WOO 3.0, WOO 4.0 (and newer) only

Only WOO 3.0, WOO 4.0 (and newer) devices are supported with the WOO Garmin Watch app

Pairing your WOO in the Garmin App

You can press the MENU button on the start screen or on the main screen at any time to scan for, and select, your WOO. MENU is most commonly assigned to a long press of the middle button on the left of a Garmin watch, but it might vary by model. You should have your WOO handy and turned on before you begin the scan.


WOO not found in scan, or not connectingWOO turned off or not in rangeTurn on the WOO before starting the scan, and keep it close to the watch
WOO already connected to another deviceMake sure the WOO is not connected to your phone or another watch. Close the WOO app on your phone or other watches
Fenix 6: Garmin watch mistakenly connected to WOO as known Sensor ("Vectronix")The Garmin watch can scan for Bluetooth devices and mistakenly find WOO as one of the external sensors it supports (mostly "Vectronix"). A pop up system dialog will appear asking you if you want to connect a sensor. You should click NO. If you by accident click YES, the WOO app won’t be able to connect until you delete the sensor. To delete the sensor, go to system menu, select “Sensors & Accessories”, find a sensor that was added and delete it

Garmin Session not showing in WOO App: Check Connect IQ integration (web)


If your Garmin sessions aren't showing up, disconnect the integration and re-authorize.

To check your Garmin Connect IQ integration, go to your Connect IQ profile at

Then click on your Account/Profile (top right) and select Account Settings -> Account Information

Here, you should see the WOO integration.

Garmin Session not showing in WOO App: Reset Connect IQ integration

If your Garmin sessions are not showing up on the WOO App, even though they successfully synched with Garmin Connect IQ (they are visible in the Garmin Connect IQ app and/or the Garmin Connect IQ web portal), sometimes it helps to reset the Connect IQ integration.

To do this in a web browser, follow the steps outlined in the Check Connect IQ integration section above. Then, in the WOO Sports section

  1. Disable the Activities radio button
  2. Wait for 10s
  3. Enable the Activities radio button

To do this on your mobile phone, open the Garmin Connect App on your phone, and click
More -> Settings -> Connected Apps

Then, click the WOO Sports app. Then, disable the Activities radio button, wait for 10 seconds, and re-enable it. This will trigger the Garmin servers to re-send the sessions to the WOO database.


Do not disconnect!

Do not disconnect the connection, either in the Garmin Connect App or the WOO App!