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As riders ourselves, we know how frustrating it is when gear gets in the way of a great session.

We’ve designed WOO to be as simple to use as possible, but in the chance that you need a hand getting things going, we’re here to help. Check out the documentation and feel free to shoot us a message about anything! Reach us at


search and find new spots around you through the interactive map

the Explore Section

you can quickly go to the Explore section by tapping the second to right icon on the bottom menu.

Here, we'll walk you through everything you can do within the Explore Section of the WOO Sports App. Including:

· Explore

· Search Spots
· Spot Leaderboard


if the iOS or Android screenshot is missing from the feature-docs, it means the feature is not yet included in the platform you're not seeing (iOS or Android)


Start by opening up Explore and view the spots in your area. You can browse a wider area, pinch-zoom out on the map and check out clusters of spots from anywhere in the world. Your can search spots by clicking the magnifying glass in the top-right corner. Or you can tab any spot-icon in the map to open the link to the spot leaderboard.

Explore is the best way to browse the globe for spots! Besides within the WOO Sports App, users can also view our Web Explore feature to check on spot leaderboards, the WOO Heatmap, or wind conditions.

Did You Know?

On Android, you can get directions to the spot right from within the WOO Sports App. Simply tab the Google Maps Directions icon in the bottom-right of the corner once a spot is selected, you'll be on your way to the spot in no time!

Search Spots

Once you've tapped the magnifying glass in the top-right corner of the Explore screen, you can search for a name of a spot. Select one of the spots to go back to the Explore map with the focus on the Spot you just selected.


If you can't find the spot you're looking for, please check out our documentation on how to submit a new spot here: Add a Spot

Spot Leaderboard

Once you've found the spot you're looking for, tab it to show the name of the spot. From here, if you tab the name of the spot (in the little popup dialog above the spot-icon) again, you will be taken to the Leaderboards with the Community Filter set to this spot. Meaning you're now viewing the Spot Leaderboard for the spot.


Explore F.A.Q.

Q: Why can't I find the spot I'm looking for?
A: New spots are being added to the WOO Spot database all the time, but it could still happen that the spot you're looking for isn't listed in the WOO Spot database yet. If you can't find the spot you're looking for, please check out our documentation on how to submit a new spot here: Add a Spot