Android: Recommended Settings


No GPS Synch

Note that the Android Watch app does not support recording GPS sessions or Big Air Analytics+ sessions (Freeride Mode). The Android Watch app functions as a display of Jump Height / GPS data only. GPS data isn't synched to, or stored in, your WOO profile.


App Settings are in a separate app!

To make the app itself as simple as possible, the settings for the WOO Android Wear App are in a separate application on your watch. There are two apps

  1. WOO Sports (white and blue logo)
  2. WOO Settings (white and grey logo)

These watch settings are recommended while using the WOO Sports app on the water:

  • Turn up brightness to max level - up to the user. To extend battery life you can keep it on auto brightness.

  • Display > Always-on Screen > ON

  • Gestures > Tilt-To-Wake > ON

  • Gestures > Touch-To-Wake > ON

  • Gestures > Wrist Gestures > OFF