Sensor ('WOO')

learn more about your new little blue friend: the WOO


The WOO 3.0 Sensor (the 'WOO' for short) is the key to recording and playing during your sessions. Compare our blue little nugget to a gaming console (e.g. PS5 or Xbox), our different modes are the games, you are the controller! Get in the Game!

You can use the WOO for the following games:

Kite - Big Air
Kite - Freestyle



Be sure your WOO is in the correct Mode before riding, and remember to point the BUTTON on the WOO to your RIGHT FOOT

The WOO detects jumps by tracking and analyzing your motion. To do this, it fuses data from the 9-axis motion sensor to understand orientation in space and the accelerations acting on it. It is able to categorize your riding into distinct phases of motion: inactivity, riding, jumping, landing or crashing and so forth.

The WOO analyzes acceleration and rotations on the board to detect jumps and calculate their characteristics. As you ride, the WOO stores your jump data, so that when you have a moment not riding, everything is ready to be synced with your phone.

The WOO is designed to be placed close to the center of your board for board sports, or on the back of your ski-boot for skiing, in order to properly gather information on your jumps and rotations. The sensor measures the vibration and can detect when you've become airborne. Once in the air, 9-axis rotational sensors study and calculate your movements until you make contact with the water again. Learn more about Attaching the WOO Mount to ensure you place your sensor in the correct location to gather the most accurate data possible.

Product Features

BATTERY - Long battery life (up to 6 hours / 1200+ jumps).
BLUETOOTH (BLE) - Wirelessly synchronize WOO to your phone or tablet on the go
9-AXIS MOTION SENSOR - Records relative position to determine jump height, airtime, landing force, trick performed, and landing quality.
SHOCKPROOF - Designed to take a beating and keep recording
WATERPROOF - Completely sealed to protect against damage

How Does the WOO Work?

Power on the WOO by pressing and holding the power button until a green light appears on the top light. This indicates the WOO is in stand-by mode, ready to connect with your phone or begin recording.

Turn WOO On / Off: Hold Button for 1.5 seconds
Start / Stop Recording: Press Button for 0.2 seconds

Stand-by: Green LED Light
Recording: Red LED Light

Smartwatch Integration



Only for WOO 3.0 units.


WOO 3.0 units are also compatible with WatchOS and Wear OS by Google smartwatches (also check Supported Devices. This allows you to see the result of your jump right after you land. The metrics we're able to show differ between the different modes on the WOO. These are the metrics we're able to show per WOO mode:

WOO Mode

Primary Metric

Secondary Metric(s)

Kite - Big Air


Airtime, G-Force

Kite - Freestyle


Height, G-Force



While the WOO is able to detect which tricks you landed in our freestyle games, we're not yet able to show trick scores and trick detection on your smartwatch. This is because the trick detection isn't performed on the WOO or on your smartwatch, but rather happens to your session when you upload it.


WOO LED Blinking Modes

The LED-pattern on your WOO indicates which mode your WOO is in. You can check the WOO Mode by either recognizing the LED-patterns it's emitting, or connecting your WOO to your phone. Here's a quick list of the LED-patterns the WOO emits:

Mode: Kite - Big Air -> Blinking Once (1-0-1-0)
Mode: Kite - Freestyle -> Blinking Twice (2-0-2-0)


Did You Know?

To change between Kite - Big Air and Kite - Freestyle while you're on the water, press and hold the power button for 4 seconds while the WOO is in Stand-by mode (blinking Green). You should see the blink pattern change to confirm the switch was successful.

Older Generation WOO's (WOO 2.0 & WOO 1.0)


WOO 2.0

WOO 2.0 has different hardware and firmware.. The device itself has upgraded sensors as well as a stronger construction to handle the rigors of water-based action sports. The WOO 2.0 also has the ability to detect and score which tricks you do in both kiteboarding Big Air and Freestyle. The Kite - Big Air mode uses a beefed up version of the 1.0 algorithm but they are similar enough to keep competition even across all devices.


WOO 1.0

The WOO 1.0 was the first device we released and its capabilities are limited to the equivalent of the Kite - Big Air mode. It will track the height of your jump, how long you spend in the air, and how hard you land and it is designed specifically for kiteboarding.



Did You Know?

To tell if your sensor is a WOO 1.0 or WOO 2.0 check the etching on the bottom of the device. Some older WOO 1.0 units do not have laser etching but every WOO 2.0 will be labeled.

If you are still unsure, power the device on and if the light blinks once in standby mode (indicating Kite - Big Air mode), hold the power button for 4 seconds. A WOO 2.0 will flash multiple times and then begin blinking twice (indicating Kite - Freestyle mode), whereas a WOO 1.0 will simply shut off.


Sensor F.A.Q.

Q: Do I need to clean or take care of my WOO?
A: Yes! Make sure to clean salt water off of the battery contacts before charging. WOOs are exposed to extremely harsh conditions and therefore should be washed and dried properly to prevent the buildup of corrosion on the charging pins. Run the battery contacts under fresh water and dry with a towel after each session to make sure your WOO lives a long and happy life.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: WOO 1.0 & WOO 2.0 units will record for up to 8 hours on a single charge. WOO 3.0 units will be able to record up to 24 hours on a single charge. Frankly it means that no matter what generation WOO you have, it's near to impossible before your WOO battery dies.

Q: How much does it weigh and how big is the WOO?
A: The sensor and mount together weigh about as much as a AA battery. Dimensions: 5.4 x 2.2 x 1.7 cm. (2.1 x 0.9 x 0.7 in.)