WOO User Guide

Welcome to WOO! Get familiar with the WOO platform and explore the features here.
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To access My WOO open the sidebar and click on 'My WOO'.

My WOO is the link between your WOO Sporst App and your WOO sensor.

How do I connect a WOO with my phone?

If it's the first time you connect a WOO to your phone, click the 'Add new WOO' button. If you want to connect another WOO click 'Connect other WOO' at the bottom of your screen.

Connecting a WOO to your phone is super easy, and consists of 3 simple steps:

  1. Make sure the WOO is on stand-by (blinking green) and Bluetooh is enabled on your phone.
  2. Select the WOO you want to connect to by clicking the correct WOO-ID from the list of available WOO's. Note: your WOO-ID is engraved on the bottom of your WOO.
  3. Complete the process by tapping the power button of your WOO.

Once you have a WOO saved to your account, your phone will connect automatically over Bluetooth with the WOO.

How do I download and save a session?

Sessions will be downloaded from the sensor onto your phone, where they’ll be queued in your WOO Sessions to Save. Simply click the 'Download Sessions' button to download all sessions from the mode you're in to your phone. E.g. downloading sessions while in Wake mode will only download wake-sessions.

When downloaded, your session will be queued for saving in your WOO Sessions to Save. Note that sessions stack for all modes within a sport: e.g. in WOO Kite, downloaded Big Air and Freestyle sessions stack together in your WOO Sessions to Save. We recommend saving immediately after downloading a session so you don't miss out on Daily Leaderboards (Email).

Click a WOO Session to Save, add the spot, session photo, and description (include #hashtags to create a custom leaderboard!), and upload it to your profile! Once successfully saved, you will be taken to your session details to review your session and see how well you did!

- currently in iOS App only -
You can also tag your friends in your session description or comment. Simply tab the new @ symbol or type an @ and select which friend you want to tag.

How do I add runs to one session?

When you ride for the second time in a day and download the session data off your WOO to your smartphone, the App will check if you already posted a session that day. If so, you can add your run to your session of the day. The App will prefill the session description, session photo, and session spot with the details from your earlier session of the day.

All you need to is leave the slider to be active, and press Save! If you don't want to combine the two sessions (or runs) into one, simply disable the slider and you'll be able to fill in the Session details like you would normally.

I got a mode-mismatch pop-up, what does it mean?

If your trying to connect to a WOO but your WOO Sports App is currently in a different mode than the WOO, you will get a Mode-Mismatch pop-up. You can do two things:

  1. Change the mode on the WOO to match the WOO Sports App, do this by clicking the left option.
  2. Go into the correct mode on the WOO Sports App to match the WOO, do this by clicking the right option.

I don't see the download button

You will only be able to download sessions in the mode your WOO's is in:
Kite - Big Air, Kite - Freestyle, Wake.
Please make sure you are in the correct mode for both the WOO and the WOO Sports App.

How do I update my WOO?

If you have a WOO 2.0, you might be prompted sometimes to update your WOO to the latest version. If a newer version is ready, you will get a pop-up when connecting your WOO to your phone saying your WOO needs an update. Click Yes to start the updating process. The process takes about 10 minutes (depending on your phone), make sure your phone and WOO are both charged before starting to update your WOO. When complete, you will get a message the WOO has successfully be updated on your phone and you will see a number of quick green flashes on your WOO.

Will I lose my sessions when I update the WOO?
No. The update process is designed so that you won't lose any of your sessions.

Pro Tip: If you don't see your sessions after an update, try pressing the WOO button twice (start & stop recording).

Can I update my WOO 1.0?
Nope, updates are available for WOO 2.0 only. Check you mailbox for an email about our trade-up program, it's a pretty good deal!


To access My WOO open the sidebar and click on 'My WOO'.