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As riders ourselves, we know how frustrating it is when gear gets in the way of a great session.

We’ve designed WOO to be as simple to use as possible, but in the chance that you need a hand getting things going, we’re here to help. Check out the documentation and feel free to shoot us a message about anything! Reach us at [email protected]

Garmin: Kite GPS App - Buttons


Kite GPS App

The instructions below are for the Kite GPS App for Garmin Watches


Fenix and Forerunner Watches

The buttons below are valid for Fenix and Forerunner watches.


Garmin Connect IQ SDK required

This app requires the Connect IQ SDK from Garmin. For the Fenix series, those are watches from Garmin Fenix 5 and upwards.

Data Screens - Short Button Press

On the data screens, a short press accesses the following functions:

Exit session allows you to:

  • Save & Exit the app
  • Pause Session
  • Discard & Exit the app (this will not save GPS to Garmin Connect IQ)
  • Cancel (return to app)

Data Screens - Long Button Press

On the data screens, a long press accesses the following functions:

Settings include:

  • Background (black / white)
  • Distance units (system / metric / imperial)
  • Speed units (system / km/h / mph / knots / m/s)
  • GPS mode (GPS + GLONASS / GPS + GALILEO / GPS only)
  • App version (info only)



Short for Global Navigation Satellite System, GLONASS is a Russian satellite-based navigation system that works alongside GPS (Global Positioning System) to provide position information to compatible devices. With an additional 24 satellites to utilize, GLONASS compatible receivers can acquire satellites up to 20% faster than devices that rely on GPS alone.

On December 15th 2016 the European Commission announced that the European satellite system Galileo will start offering its initial services. Over the next few years Galileo will increase the number of satellites from the existing 18 to the full operational capacity of 30 satellites.

Map Screen - Short Button Press

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Garmin: Kite GPS App - Buttons

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