Kite - Freestyle

the perfect game for those mellow winds while kiting!

What's the Game?

The WOO scores your best tricks in Kite - Freestyle mode. The WOO utilizes artificial intelligence to detect your tricks. It’s the same technology Tesla uses to teach their cars to drive autonomously. This also means that as you ride, the WOO is always learning and getting smarter. You’ll find yourself trying new variations and new tricks every time you ride. Pop harder, stomp your landings and learn new tricks to up your score! Trust us, it’s addicting!

While in Kite - Freestyle mode, the WOO will detect and score tricks based on rotations, airtime, kite position, and landing quality.



the LED pattern on the WOO for this game is blinking Twice (2-0-2-0).
Kite - Freestyle requires a WOO 2.0 or WOO 3.0 sensor to log sessions.

WOO Position on the Board

For this game, make sure the BUTTON on your WOO is always facing your RIGHT FOOT while riding. This is needed for our trick detection (Left Foot Forward / Right Foot Forward) to properly work. Our trick detection will work otherwise, but we cannot guarantee results if the button on your WOO faced your left foot during a session.

Every WOO comes with an adhesive mount that's used to attach the sensor to your board. For maximum accuracy, the sensor needs to be placed in the center of the board with the long edge parallel to the long edge of the board. For more details also check out the docs on Attaching the WOO Mount.


WOO LED Blinking Modes

The LED-pattern on your WOO indicates which mode your WOO is in. You can check the WOO Mode by either recognizing the LED-patterns it's emitting, or connecting your WOO to your phone. Here's a quick list of the LED-patterns the WOO emits:

Mode: Kite - Big Air -> Blinking Once (1-0-1-0)
Mode: Kite - Freestyle -> Blinking Twice (2-0-2-0)


Did You Know?

To change between Kite - Big Air and Kite - Freestyle while you're on the water, press and hold the power button for 4 seconds while the WOO is in Stand-by mode (blinking Green). You should see the blink pattern change to confirm the switch was successful.


How do the Scores get Calculated for Kite - Freestyle?

The score you will get for every trick consists of number of components:


ranges from 0 - 350 points
Your score will largely depend on the number of rotations you do on 3 different axes and the complexity/difficulty of those movements. Generally, the more rotations you do, the higher you Rotation Score will be. Spin any direction and you'll get rewarded. Stomp a trick in the WOO Tricktionary and claim it!

You can check out the WOO Kite - Freestyle Tricktionary, for a list of tricks the WOO can recognize when the trick is well-perfomed. The WOO Tricktionary for Kite - Freestyle can also be found in Settings when in the Kite part of the WOO Sports App.

Even if you do a trick that isn't yet in the WOO Tricktionary, you will still get rewarded with the correct Rotation Score for that trick. Because the WOO will pick up the rotation you perform, you will still get a valid Rotation Score, it's just the trick-label that won't be visible yet. Instead, it will simply say "Trick" in your Session's Jump Table.


ranges from 0 - 300 points
The highest scoring jumps will have big height and low airtime. The WOO is looking for jumps that are relatively unassisted by the kite, so jumps with airtime over 3 seconds will be labeled as "Floaty" and will be given 0 points.

Based on your height and airtime, the WOO can determine your kite's position and also see if you have gotten proper slack in your lines while unhooked.

It's all about keeping the kite low while getting high. Pop hard, catch some air and stop it. Dangling will take away points. You can see an indication of how the Pop-Score gets calculated in the matrix image above.


ranges from 0 - 50 points
Your score will partly be based on how well you land and will be assigned a category: Crash, Sketchy, Good, or Stomped. Not only does the device measure the g-force of the landing, but it also assesses how well you ride away from the trick. You can see an indication how the angles used for stamping your trick with a Crashed, Sketcky, Good, or Stomped label.

Land well and get a little bonus score! Crash and the WOO'll know too.



Kite - Freestyle is designed for riders to do tricks with the kite low (around 45 degrees). The highest scoring Pop-Scores will be those that have little assistance from the kite and therefore rely on the rider's ability to load and pop, keep the kite stable, and land smoothly.


Going to the Big Air Game in the WOO Sports App

Log into the WOO app.

Once logged in, you gain access to the entire WOO Community through the App. Check out the different sections in the app:

· Activity
· Leaderboards
· My WOO
· Explore
· Profile


Game F.A.Q.

Q: How do I download a Kite - Freestyle session?
If you have recorded both Big Air and Freestyle sessions on the same device, your phone will download whichever session corresponds to the mode the WOO is in at the time. For details on the LED-patters and the modes the LED corresponds to, scroll up this page. Once downloaded, the Save Sessions screen will show you which sessions are Big Air sessions, and which sessions are Freestyle sessions.

Q: Why are my tricks not being detected?
A: The WOO will pick up a trick if it is executed correctly according to the professional riders who have trained the device. We know not everybody will be doing tricks perfectly, so each trick has a field of lenience around it where the device will still register it has been done properly.

It is helpful to think of the WOO as a coach that will score every trick and offer you stats as you progress to the point where you can perfect it with proper form and kite position. Once it labels whichever tricks you do you can confidently show your friends that you're proficient at that trick! Even if tricks aren't detected, the algorithm is designed so that the best freestyle riders will consistently score the highest.

Lastly you should double check that the power button is pointed towards your right foot to ensure proper board orientation!

Q: I invented a rad new trick and want it to be added - how do I do that?
A: If you would like to add a trick or train a particular trick, send us a video of you doing it roughly 10 times in a row. Start recording your session when the video starts and we can match up the data and help train the algorithm to detect it. We are looking for consistency and proper execution, so make sure you can stomp it a bunch of times in a row!

Q: What happens if I boost while the WOO is in Kite - Freestyle mode?
A: Since Kite - Freestyle mode is designed for the kite to be low, jumps with the kite overhead will not be scored well and whichever tricks you do will not be detected. Jumps with an airtime of over 3 seconds will be labeled as "Floaty" and assigned 0 points. This Kite - Freestyle game is all about unhooking, popping hard while keeping the kite low, and then perform your freestyle trick.

Q: How to I display Freestyle leaderboards?
A: When the App is in Kite, you can always swipe between Big Air and Freestyle in the Activity, Leaderboards, and Profile sections of the app. Just make sure the top bar is set to whichever mode you want to view.

Q: Do the Freestyle leaderboards include WOO 2.0 sessions as well?
A: Yes! Within Big Air mode you will have access to all sessions recorded by all generation WOO's that support the Kite - Freestyle game. If you have a 3.0 and your buddy has a 2.0 you will still be able to compete with one another as long as your WOO is in Kite - Freestyle mode.