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Kite - Big Air

While recording in Big Air mode, the WOO will measure jump height, airtime, and landing force as well as total accumulated height and airtime for the session.

How do I record in Big Air mode?

Big Air is indicated by a single blink on the WOO's LED in both standby and record mode. If you power on your WOO and it is blinking once, you are ready to record in Big Air mode!

If it is blinking twice, the device is in Freestyle mode. Hold the power button for 5 seconds while in standby. The light will flash several times and then begin blinking once at regular intervals.

If it is blinking three times, it is in Wake mode and will need to be switched within the WOO Sports app.

What happens if I do tricks in Big Air mode?

Tricks in Big Air mode will simply be registered as jumps. The device will tell you how high you jumped, how long you were in the air, and how hard you landed but it will not detect or score any tricks you do while recording in that mode.

How do I display Big Air leaderboards?

When the app is in Kite mode, you can always swipe between Big Air and Freestyle in the Activity feed, Global Leaderboards, and within your own profile. Just make sure the top bar is set to whichever mode you want to view, as seen here:

Do the Big Air leaderboards include WOO 1.0 users as well?

Yes! Within Big Air mode you will have access to all sessions recorded by both 1.0 and 2.0 users. If you have a 2.0 and your buddy has a 1.0 you will still be able to compete with one another as long as your WOO is in Big Air mode.

Kite - Big Air