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Q: How do I record my session?
A: To record a session, power on the WOO by pressing and holding the button until the LED turns green. Once powered on, indicated by a slow green blinking pattern of the LED, tap the button again and the WOO will begin recording, indicated by a quick orange blinking pattern. To finish a session, tap the button again, and the WOO LED will return to a slower LED blinking pattern - standby. Power down by pressing and holding the button until the LED turns off.

Q: How do I download my session?
A: Within the WOO Sports App, open the My WOO tab from the menu, pair your phone with your WOO, and download the session(s) onto the phone. For each session, set the spot, a description, board type, select a kite from your quiver, and add an optional picture. Save the session by completing the session log and uploading it to your WOO profile. Find more info here: My WOO.

Q: How Do I Find My WOO ID
A: Your WOO-ID is engraved and can be found on the bottom of your WOO. Alternatively, connect your WOO to your phone and you will see your WOO-ID under the image of a WOO once connected. The WOO ID is in a pattern of WOO-xxxx-xxxx. If you have a WOO 4.0, the charger also has an ID, with a pattern of W4C-xxxx-xxxx.

Q: How do you charge the WOO?
A: WOO 4.0: Charge the WOO by connecting the WOO 4.0 Charger to a USB-C port. Drop the WOO 4.0 into the charger. The charger LED will turn solid blue, and the WOO 4.0 LED will fade in and out in blue. When the WOO is fully charged, it's LED will turn off, and the WOO 4.0 Charger LED will return to solid green. Take out the WOO from the charger, and unplug the charger from the USB-C port.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: The WOO 4.0 can record sessions for over 24 hrs, and is ready for the toughest of WOO users. WOO 3.0 has approx. 6-8 hrs of recording time, WOO 1.0 & 2.0 units last about 8 hours on one charge!

Q: Where should I place the WOO on my board?
A: The WOO should be placed directly in the center of your board, running parallel with your rail. The Button should always point to the right side. Find more info here: Attaching the WOO Mount.

Q: Does WOO work internationally?
A: Yes, WOO has a database of spots around the globe so whether you are at your home location or traveling you can share your stoke. Found a spot that is missing from our database, Add a Spot!

Q: Will I lose my sessions when I update the WOO Sports App?
A: No. The update process is designed so that you won't lose any of your sessions. You will only lose any unsaved sessions that are on your phone when you completely remove the WOO Sports App from your phone. Or when you delete all cached data related to the WOO Sports App from your phone.

Q: Will I lose any unsaved sessions when I update the WOO Firmware?
A: No. Any unsaved sessions that are on your phone or WOO 3.0 and WOO 4.0 will not be lost by updating the firmware on the WOO.

Q: I'm not seeing the 'New Firmware Available' popup, is my WOO broken?
A: Nope, if you're not seeing the 'New Firmware Available' popup, it simply means your WOO is already running the latest and greatest firmware available for your WOO.


Q: What phones and OS's does it work with?
A: The WOO Sports App works on both iOS and Android for phones, and WatchOS, Garmin and Wear OS by Google for smartwatches. Find more info here: Supported Devices.

Q: Can I use other apps while I'm recording a session?
A: The WOO does not need the phone to record sessions, so other apps on the phone can be used while riding with the WOO.

Q: Can I transfer my profile between iOS and Android?
A: Yes, the iOS and Android apps use the same database, so your profile (username, sessions, homespot, etc) will be the same regardless of your device or platform. Users can compete against each other regardless of device type. Note that PRO subscriptions are tied to either Android or iOS and cannot be moved between platforms.


Q: Can I make my data private?
A: No. The data is shared automatically with the entire WOO Community.


Q: Can WOO help me find a lost board?
A: Yes, if your board gets lost with a WOO attached, the finder of your board may reach out to us with the WOO ID. That way, we have recovered many boards and returned them to their owner. However, the WOO itself does not have technology to locate your lost board remotely.

Q: Can I use the WOO on my PC?
A: Currently the WOO Sports App is only supported on iOS and Android devices. We do have several sweet web features, like Explore (Web) and Leaderboards (Web)!