WOO 3.0 Firmware Release Notes

Version 3x.1.42 (released April 5th, 2023)

Maintenance updates and bugfixes.

Version 3x.1.40 (released February 2nd, 2023)

This firmware version improves the detection of take off and landing.

Version 3x.1.39 (released January 17, 2023)

This firmware version includes an update to improve the integration with Smart Watches in the future.

Version 3x.1.38 (released January 5, 2023)

This firmware version includes a small bugfix that could lead to issues in very rare cases.

Version 3x.1.31 (released June 1, 2022)

This firmware version includes a plethora of bug fixes and performance improvements. It also sends additional data for your jumps (when downloading your session from the WOO to the phone).

Version 3x.1.29 (released on October 16, 2021)

Minor bug fixes / improvements.

Version 3x.1.27 (released on July 12, 2021)

This version fixes a bug with the internal clock management. This could have led to a few issues:

  1. The start time of your WOO session may be off by a few minutes. This could also negatively affect the fusion of GPS and WOO Jumps for WOO+GPS and Big Air Analytics+ sessions
  2. On rare occasions, the WOO may not record jumps for the first few minutes of a session

Version 3x.1.26 (released on March 6, 2021)

This version fixes a bug with the WOO device, where it goes into an error state when the memory is full (1,024+ jumps). We fixed this issue with two methods:

  1. The WOO can now store 4,096 jumps (4x the capacity, plenty for a full day of kiting)
  2. When full, the WOO does not go into error state, but show a white blinking light. Sessions can still be downloaded on a full WOO 3.0 with this latest firmware installed



When the WOO is full (indicated by the white blinking light), it will no longer record jumps


Always download sessions at the end of the day!!

Version 3x.1.24 (released on July 20, 2020)

The main change in this version is that the WOO records and sends additional data for Jump Analytics

Version 3x.1.21 (released on April 29, 2020)

The only change in this version is that we implemented a reset button command. To reset the device, press and hold the button for 10s until the WOO LED will turn solid red. Then, release the button, it will turn to a bright purple and go through a roughly 2min reset cycle. The reset cycle restarts the CPU and deletes all stored jumps on the WOO. This is intended to be used for troubleshooting purposes only, please reach out to [email protected] first.


Resetting the WOO deletes all sessions

Note that resetting the WOO deletes all sessions stored on the WOO. Other parameters, like WOO ID or calibration, are not affected.

Version 3x.1.19 (released on September 2019)

Minor bug fixes

Version 3x.1.17

Version 30.1.17 fixes a bug that causes the WOO to stop recording occasionally when the WOO is fully charged. You may notice this behavior while out kiting with the WOO, it seems to shut off randomly.