WOO User Guide

Welcome to WOO! Get familiar with the WOO platform and explore the features here.
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How to charge your WOO

Plug your charger into a USB port or a wall outlet with a USB adapter and insert the WOO into the charger with the end that contains the contacts going in first. A red light will start blinking as your WOO charges and when it is finished the light will blink green until the device shuts off.

Important Note: Remove salt water from contacts before charging!
Rinse the contacts with fresh water and dry them with a towel before inserting the WOO into the charger. This will help prevent the buildup of corrosion and ensure your device charges properly every time.

How long does it take to charge?

It takes 90 minutes for your WOO to fully charge and that will give it 8 hours of recording time.

Does the WOO 2.0 require a different charger?

Nope! You can charge any WOO with any charger.