WOO 3.0 Charger

simple USB-dongle that fits in every outlet, car charger, powerbank. Perfect for on-the-go charging!

Keep your WOO fully charged and ready to ride with a WOO Charger! Use the charger to power up your WOO during the drive, on a flight, or alongside your phone the night before. Don't miss a session again!

· Charge your WOO from any USB outlet
· Perfect for a car charger, powerbank, or other on-the-go charger!


How to Charge your WOO

Plug your charger into a USB port or a wall outlet with a USB adapter and insert the WOO into the charger with the end that contains the contacts going in first. A red light will start blinking as your WOO charges and when it is finished the light will blink green until the device shuts off.

Red Light Blinking: WOO is Charging
Green Solid Light: WOO is fully Charged, and is about to shut itself off.
No Light: WOO was fully Charged and turned itself off.

Time to Fully Charge: ~1.5hours (90 minutes)
Time Full Charge will last (see Sensor ('WOO') for more details):

6-8 hours for WOO 3.0 units,
4 hours for WOO 1.0 & WOO 2.0 units


Taking Care of your WOO will keep the Device in a Healthy Condition:

Remove salt water from contacts before charging!

Rinse the contacts with fresh water and dry them with a towel before inserting the WOO into the charger. This will help prevent the buildup of corrosion and ensure your device charges properly every time.



we now have two generations of WOO Chargers, not all WOO's fit all Chargers:

White Charger: WOO 3.0
Black Charger: WOO 1.0 & WOO 2.0

Older Generation Chargers (WOO 1.0 & WOO 2.0)

WOO 1.0 & WOO 2.0 Charger

The Black Charger for WOO 1.0 & WOO 2.0 units was the first Charger we released and works with WOO 1.0 & WOO 2.0 units. If you have a WOO 3.0 unit, you should charge your WOO with the newer White Charger.


Charger F.A.Q.

Q: How long does it take to charge?
A: It takes 90 minutes for your WOO to fully charge and that will give it 24 hours of recording time for WOO 3.0 units, and 8 hours of recording time for WOO 1.0 & WOO 2.0 units.

Q: Does the WOO 3.0 require a different charger?
Yes! The WOO 3.0 is charged by the White Charger, WOO 1.0 & WOO 2.0 can be charged by the Black Charger.

Q: My WOO doesn't charge, what should I do?
A: First thing to do is test your WOO with another charger to see if there is a problem with your WOO or with your Charger. If there is a problem with your charger, we do sell extra chargers here. If there is a problem with your WOO, please contact [email protected]