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As riders ourselves, we know how frustrating it is when gear gets in the way of a great session.

We’ve designed WOO to be as simple to use as possible, but in the chance that you need a hand getting things going, we’re here to help. Check out the documentation and feel free to shoot us a message about anything! Reach us at


Freestyle Ski is a new game within the WOO Sports App for Skiers hitting jumps. When recording in Snow mode, the WOO can score your jumps based on trick difficulty, airtime, and landing quality. Freestyle Ski requires a WOO 2.0 sensor to log sessions.

How do I record in Snow mode?

Switching to Snow mode requires you to log into the Snow section of the app. Once you connect your WOO to your phone, if it has previously been in Kite & Wake mode, it will prompt you to either switch modes or return to Kite, as seen below.

Once you are in Snow mode, the light on your WOO should blink once on standby indicating that it has successfully switched and is ready to go record a Snow sessions!

Mount the WOO just in front of the toe binding on one ski, attaching the WOO so that the power button faces forward.

How does the Snow scoring system work?

Snow mode assigns a score based on a number of factors:

  • Rotations: Your base score for every trick is based on the spins and flips in the trick. For each 180° of rotation or full flip completed, you'll up the value of your score.
  • Airtime: Another important factor in the score is your airtime. The longer you are in the air, the bigger your airtime score!
  • Landing: Your landing will be categorized as Crash, Sketchy, Good, or Stomped as the WOO analyzes how smoothly you ride away from a trick. Land and ski away with no skid out and you'll stomp the trick!
  • Trick Detection: As the game progresses, WOO will start showing the trick names of your jumps if the trick is in the WOO Tricktionary and you performed it properly.

Why isn't the WOO registering my tricks?

Snow mode is currently focused on rotation score, airtime and landing quality in scoring your tricks. Trick Detection is currently disabled.