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As riders ourselves, we know how frustrating it is when gear gets in the way of a great session.

We鈥檝e designed WOO to be as simple to use as possible, but in the chance that you need a hand getting things going, we鈥檙e here to help. Check out the documentation and feel free to shoot us a message about anything! Reach us at [email protected]

Wake - Cable

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What's the Game?

The WOO records and scores all your moves both at the Cable and behind the Boat. When your WOO is in Wake mode the WOO will detect and score your tricks based on rotations, airtime, and landing quality.

The WOO utilizes artificial intelligence to detect your tricks. It鈥檚 the same technology Tesla uses to teach their cars to drive autonomously. This also means that as you ride, the WOO is always learning and getting smarter.

While there are two WOO Games (Cable & Boat) within the realm of WOO Wake, you'll notice that there is only one mode that covers both games. The WOO should be in Wake mode independent if you're riding at the cablepark or behind the boat. Your WOO is capable of picking you all your tricks if your at the cablepark or behind the boat, the separation between the two games is dependent on the spot and thus is made when you upload your session!



the LED pattern on the WOO for this game is blinking Three times (3-0-3-0).
Wake - Cable requires a WOO 2.0 or WOO 3.0 sensor to log sessions.

WOO Position on the Board

For this game, make sure the BUTTON on your WOO is always facing your RIGHT FOOT while riding. This is needed for our trick detection (Normal / Switch) to properly work. Our trick detection will work otherwise, but we cannot guarantee results if the button on your WOO faced your left foot during a session.

Every WOO comes with an adhesive mount that's used to attach the sensor to your board. For maximum accuracy, the sensor needs to be placed in the center of the board with the long edge parallel to the long edge of the board. For more details also check out the docs on Attaching the WOO Mount


WOO LED Blinking Modes

The LED-pattern on your WOO indicates which mode your WOO is in. You can check the WOO Mode by either recognizing the LED-patterns it's emitting, or connecting your WOO to your phone. Here's a quick list of the LED-patterns the WOO emits:

Mode: Kite - Big Air -> Blinking Once (1-0-1-0)
Mode: Kite - Freestyle -> Blinking Twice (2-0-2-0)
Mode: Wake (Cable & Boat) -> Blinking Three times (3-0-3-0)
Mode: Snow (Snowboard & Ski) -> Blinks Once, then Blinks Twice (1-2-1-2)



Want to change the mode of your WOO? Connect your WOO to your phone while the phone is in the sport (Snow / Kite / Wake) you want your WOO to change to. Once connected, you'll be prompted with a mode mismatch, press "WOO to {Mode}" to change the mode on your WOO. You will see the LED-pattern your WOO emits change.


How do the Scores get Calculated for Wake - Cable?

The score you will get for every trick consists of number of components:


ranges from 0 - 350 points
Your score will largely depend on the number of rotations you do on 3 different axes and the complexity/difficulty of those movements. Generally, the more rotations you do, the higher you Rotation Score will be. Spin any direction and you'll get rewarded. Stomp a trick in the WOO Tricktionary and claim it!

You can check out the WOO Tricktionary, for a list of tricks the WOO can recognize when the trick is well-perfomed. The WOO Tricktionary for Wake - Cable can also be found in Settings when in the Wake part of the WOO Sports App.

Even if you do a trick that isn't yet in the WOO Tricktionary, you will still get rewarded with the correct Rotation Score for that trick. Because the WOO will pick up the rotation you perform, you will still get a valid Rotation Score, it's just the trick-label that won't be visible yet. Instead, it will simply say "Trick" in your Session's Jump Table.


ranges from 0 - 300 points
Another important factor in the scoring process is your airtime - you will always receive a bonus for going bigger! If you are in the air for longer than 2.5 seconds you will no longer receive a bonus, but it is very unlikely that any riders will be in the air for that long. After 2.5 seconds score is based entirely on rotation and landing quality.


ranges from 0 - 50 points
Your score will partly be based on how well you land and will be assigned a category: Crash, Sketchy, Good, or Stomped. Not only does the device measure the g-force of the landing, but it also assesses how well you ride away from the trick. You can see an indication how the angles used for stamping your trick with a Crashed, Sketcky, Good, or Stomped label.

If you let go of the handle but still stomp a landing the WOO will know!


ranges from 0 - 75 points
Once you've set your Stance during the first time you log into WOO Wake, the WOO is able to detect if your tricks was a Normal / Switch (SW) and if it was Toeside (TS) / Heelside (HS). Here's a breakdown of the added scores for each Stance variation:

Normal Heelside: +0 points
Normal Toeside (TS): +25 points
Switch Heelside (SW): +50 points
Switch Toeside (SW TS): +75 points


Going to the Wake - Cable Game in the WOO Sports App

From the Login Screen, where you can select which sport you would like to go into, select the WOO Wake icon. Within WOO Wake, both Wake - Cable and Wake - Boat games can be played.

Once logged into a sport, you gain access to the entire WOO Community through the App. Check out the different sections in the app:


Selecting Your Stance

The first time you log into WOO Wake, the app will ask you to select your stance and therefore receive bonuses for switch tricks. The power button should always face your right foot regardless of your stance.



your stance is something that you can select only once as riders don't suddenly change stance. While your stance is visible in your Edit Profile, you can't change it. If you accidentally selected the wrong stance, feel free to contact us at [email protected].


Game F.A.Q.

Q: How do I record a Wake - Cable session?
A: Switching to Wake mode requires you to log into the Wake section of the app. Once you connect your WOO to your phone, if it has previously been in Kite mode it will prompt you to either switch modes or return to Kite. For more details about Switching Modes on you WOO, check out the Sensor ('WOO') documentation.

Q: How do I choose between a Cable and Boat session when uploading?
A: When uploading a session, the spot you select determines if the session gets in the Cable or Boat game within the WOO Wake part of the app. As you can imagine, if the spot is cablepark, you can't ride behind the boat through the cablepark. And vice versa, if there is an open lake without a cablepark, no way to ride behind the cable there. So simpy select the cablepark that you rode and you're session will be put in the cable game automatically.

Some spots offer both Cable and Boat, in which case you will be prompted to select either Cable or Boat to your session.

Q: Why are my tricks not being detected?
A: Similarly to Kite - Freestyle, Wake mode is designed to detect tricks if they are done correctly according to the professional riders who trained them. We know not everybody is doing perfect tricks so we built a margin of lenience around each trick which will either grow or shrink based on user feedback, but we cannot make trick detection too lenient otherwise there will be too much overlap between tricks!

The WOO is designed to be a coach that helps you reach proper execution. If you are doing a trick but it isn't showing up, chances are there is something off with your technique so look up videos of some pros doing the same trick and tweak your form and style to get it to register! Once the WOO detects your tricks you can confidently claim proficiency in that trick. Even if the trick is not registered you will still receive a points score.

**Q: Do I get Extra Points for doing Switch (SW) Tricks?
A: Yes! Switch tricks are tended to be a bit harder to do than tricks in your regular stance, so you will get a higher score for doing switch tricks.

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Wake - Cable

Get in the Game! Play More with WOO!

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