Frequent Flyer Mount

Discontinued 2021.


The Frequent Flyer Mount adds an extra layer of protection for your WOO Sensor, keeping your WOO looking like new.

The Frequent Flyer Mount comes with a clasp which you unlock to open the clamp-shell design of the mount. Slide in your WOO (make sure you align the button on the WOO with the button on the Frequent Flyer Mount) and close the mount. Due to the included button in the Frequent Flyer Mount you can still use the WOO's button as normal.

· Extra layer of protection
· Simple clip-in clamshell mount

Attaching the Frequent Flyer Mount

· Prerequisites

· Mount on a Kiteboard


The long side of the WOO should follow the long side of your board, so that it’s PARALLEL to the board (not perpendicular).


Independent if you’re a Regular or Goofy rider, the button on the WOO should ALWAYS face your RIGHT foot! We use the orientation of the WOO for correct Stance and Trick Detection. Set your stance in the WOO Sports App and the WOO knows if you did a trick in your normal stance (Regular / Goofy), or if you did it switch (SW).



Mount on a Kiteboard

Every WOO comes with an adhesive mount that's used to attach the sensor to your board. For maximum accuracy, the sensor needs to be placed in the center of the board with the long edge parallel to the long edge of the board:


To attach the mount:

  1. Start by identifying the center of your board. You’ll want to place the mount on the center of your board, running parallel with the rail. For kiteboards, if you use a grab handle, place your WOO so you can still use your handle (we recommend just to the side of the handle - still in the "middle" but slightly to one side.
  2. Use the alcohol swab provided to clean the center of your board and let the board dry.
  3. Remove the backing from the WOO Mount and place on the center of the board. Press firmly to make sure it’s solidly attached. Make sure the BUTTON of the WOO is facing your RIGHT FOOT.
  4. For best results, let the mount set overnight before riding.

Older Generation Frequent Flyer Mounts (Black Clasp)

Black Clasp

The Frequent Flyer Mount with the black clasp was the first Frequent Flyer Mount we released and its capabilities as very much the same as the Frequent Flyer Mount with the blue clasp. We updated the design and color of the Frequent Flyer Mount with the release of the WOO 3.0, but functionally this Frequent Flyer Mount works as well as the Frequent Flyer Mount with the blue clasp!

It's an extra layer of protection for your WOO Sensor - great for frequent harsh saltwater conditions. Simply attach the adhesive mounts to your board, then clip in your WOO and go ride! Record every session, with every board.



Frequent Flyer Mount F.A.Q.

Q: How do I remove a mount?
A: Our mounts use 3M VHB tape which is an industrial grade adhesive that is commonly used as a substitute for screws, rivets, welds, and other similar fasteners. As a result it is extremely difficult to remove, but not impossible! Removing your WOO mount:

· Take your WOO out of the mount
· Apply heat to the top of the mount with a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive (be careful not to apply too much heat directly to the board since it could damage the topsheet)
· Stick a knife in the layer of adhesive between the mount and the board and gradually work it free
· This will leave a thin layer of adhesive that can easily be peeled off by hand



Be careful not to damage your board when using the knife! Keep it flush against the surface of the board and try to avoid using something with a sharp tip