WOO User Guide

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WOO Snow is a separate game within the WOO Sports App for Snowboarders hitting jumps. When recording in Snow mode, the WOO will detect and score your tricks based on trick difficulty, airtime, and landing quality. WOO Snow requires a WOO 2.0 sensor to log sessions.

Setting Up

The first time you log into WOO Snow, the app will ask you to select your stance.

*Note: your stance is something that you can select only on setup. While your stance is visible in your Edit Profile, you can't change it. If you accidentally selected the wrong stance, feel free to contact us at support@woosports.com.

How do I record in Snow mode?

Switching to Snow mode requires you to log into the Snow section of the app. Once you connect your WOO to your phone, if it has previously been in Kite & Wake mode, it will prompt you to either switch modes or return to Kite, as seen below.

Once you are in Snow mode, the light on your WOO should blink once on standby indicating that it has successfully switched and is ready to go record a Snow sessions!

The button should point toward your Right foot (see below).

How does the Snow scoring system work?

Snow mode assigns a score based on a number of factors:

  • Trick Difficulty: Your base score for every trick is based on the trick's difficulty. If a trick is not detected, a difficulty is calculated based on the spins and flips in the trick. We measure 3 axes of rotation and calculate the movement patterns on each axis and how they relate to one another.
  • Airtime: Another important factor in the scoring process is your airtime. You will always receive a bonus for going bigger! If you are in the air for longer than 2.5 seconds you will no longer receive a bonus, but it is very unlikely that any riders will be in the air for that long. After 2.5 seconds, the score is based entirely on trick difficulty and landing quality
  • Landing: Your landing will be categorized as Crash, Sketchy, Good, or Stomped as the WOO analyzes how smoothly you ride away from a trick.
  • Trick Detection: You will see the trick name in your jump table if the trick is in our tricktionary and you complete it properly.

Why isn't the WOO registering my tricks?

Similarly to Kite - Freestyle, Snow mode is designed to detect tricks if they are done correctly according to the professional riders who trained them. We know not everybody is doing perfect tricks so we built a margin of lenience around each trick which will either grow or shrink based on user feedback, but we cannot make trick detection too lenient otherwise there will be too much overlap between tricks!

The WOO is designed to be a coach that helps you reach proper execution. If you are doing a trick but it isn't showing up, chances are there is something off with your technique so look up videos of some pros doing the same trick and tweak your form and style to get it to register! Once the WOO detects your tricks you can confidently claim proficiency in that trick. Even if the trick is not registered you will still receive a points score.

Do I get extra points for Switch tricks?

Yes! Switch tricks tend to be harder than tricks in your regular stance, so you will get a higher score for doing switch tricks. Switch tricks will show up as 'SW'